I Promise…

I thought the second blog post would be a good time to lay out my goals for this blog and my promises to you, my readers, as to what this blog will be.

My number one goal with this blog is to fulfill my class requirement. I would be lying to you if I said anything else. Obviously, I want to do well in my Principles of Media class and if keeping up a blog is a requirement for that class then you better bet I’m going to keep up a blog. That being said, I’m also very excited about the opportunity that this “class requirement” has presented me with, so I have a few other goals and promises.

I promise to remain honest with you throughout every post that I write. While, yes, this blog is a class requirement, I’ll still be talking about topics and subjects that interest me and commenting on thoughts and ideas that I have genuine opinions about. So never doubt that the things that are said on this blog are true or my own opinion.

I promise to try my best to present you with quality material that it both interesting and thought provoking. It is my personal goal to think deeply about the prompts that have been given to me and to comment my honest opinion but also research the topic so I can provide the best answer possible.

Obviously, I have many other goals and ideas circulating through my head but I believe this is a good place to start and these goals and promises set a good foundation for where this blog will come from. Thank you again for reading along with me. I’m excited to share this journey with you all!


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