Blog #7

“What have you learned? How have your ideas on the media changed?”

Oh my, where should I start?

I guess I’ll start with the biggest thing I’ve learned.

Creating a perception for people is both easy and difficult at the same time.

Let me explain.

As an aspiring Public Relations individual, the idea of shaping perceptions really intrigues me. As we learned from “The Persuaders” this challenge has mounted in difficulty over the years and will only increase in the years to come.

Consumers are smart. They are smarter than ever. And companies have to fight a hard battle to gain the support and business of customers.

Yet, as we are fighting the hard fight, we must also remain moral, retain our character, and never overstep a boundary. The relationship between business and customer is so unique and I’ve learned a lot about the delicacies of balancing this relationship

Art is for everyone.

I’ve never been a huge supporter of “the arts.”

In fact, if I had to put myself in a category I’d probably consider myself skeptical.

I enjoy listening to music, I enjoy going to plays, I appreciate the ability of Van Gogh (let’s be honest, I can’t even finger paint) but did I see the hand of God in a rock song or an abstract painting? No.

Turner was really the one who got me thinking more deeply about art. In his book he talks about how we should not limit God to simply “religious” art. If he truly is Lord over all, then that literally means ALL.

I have learned a lot from this course and the supplemental reading material and I am looking forward to further shaping my views on the media.


2 thoughts on “Blog #7

    1. God is so versatile. He has gifted all artists, singers, composers, dancers, musicians, screen writers, etc. He lets those people do what they do because He has given them the gifts to do so. He allows everyone to be different and have different interests and likes, and it all points back to him. Turner made me aware as well that God is in all art, everywhere.


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