Blog Post #11

In his book, Technopoly, Neil Postman attempts to open his readers’ eyes to the ways in which technology is affecting us and the ways we are allowing it to consume us.

While I do not believe that Postman wrote his book for definitively Christian individuals or definitively agnostic individuals, I believe that much of his writing is reflective of a biblical worldview. For example, Postman spends much of the book discussing how individuals do not question things they read in the newspaper or watch on the TV, they simply take it for fact, and that is wrong. God gave us wonderful, amazing, and intricate brains for the purpose of analyzing the world around us and by not putting our brains to work, we are doing ourselves a gross disservice but we are also hurting God by not using the gift he has given us to its full potential.

Additionally, Postman gives advice to parents on how they should raise their children in this “technological” age that has several underlying parallels to the ways in which God commands parents to raise their children in the bible.

There are many other ways in which Postman puts the biblical worldview to work throughout his writing. Ultimately, though, I think it is important we understand that while he doesn’t come out and explicitly state “And the Lord says…” Postman’s ideas and offerings are important and should be evaluated just the same.


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