Media Bias

In this post I will be addressing the following question.

“How do you respond to the statement ‘The people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans’?”

I think to first answer this question we need to determine what the moral and religious values of “most Americans” are. While many believe that the morals in our country have gone down the tubes, there is evidence that counteracts that belief. According to Gallup poll complete several months ago, “Americans have not shifted their views of all moral issues over time.” Meaning that while some values have changed over the years, many remain the same (click here to view the Gallup Poll)

So now that we know, in a general sense, what the values of most Americans are, do we believe that the TV networks and major movie studies reflect the moral values and religious values of most Americans? I would say that my answer is a twofold yes and no. Obviously, the individuals making the movies and recording the news broadcasts are just like the rest of us. They’re in the “most Americans” group. Just because they have a more “glamorous” job doesn’t mean they are inherently different than everyone else. However, I also believe that movies and television push the limits and stretch the boundaries. Who wants to go see a movie with the same plot and story line as the one you went to last week? No one. And who wants to watch a TV broadcast about the good in the world? Unfortunately, not many. Therefore, in an effort to get higher ratings or increase the number of viewers, TV networks and movie studios challenge what we think and therefore do not necessarily “comply” with the moral values and beliefs of the majority of Americans.

For example, I do not believe that the movie 50 Shades of Grey reflects the moral values of most Americans nor do I think that is how most Americans live their lives (at least I sincerely hope not). However, the film earned $500 million globally and became Universal Studio’s “most successful R-rated movie of all time.” (click here to view the article)


One thought on “Media Bias

  1. I agree with you that the things we see on TV do not go along with the beliefs of the average American. The television networks are always pushing the boundaries for more violence, action, and drama because people are watching it. People do not want to see ordinary people when they turn on a show. They want to see the extraordinary, and that is what the major networks are giving us.


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