Blog Post #12

The media holds a lot of power. Most times more than we even know. For example, if I am on the edge about a concept or idea (meaning I have some background knowledge on the issue but I just can’t seem to decide where I stand) and then I flip on the TV and someone is presenting facts and ideas about that issue that seem reasonable, I am very likely to side with them. And thus we see the power of the media.

I believe that the media does no bidding but that of their own personal preference. I don’t really believe that the government has control over the media but they are definitely involved. Every single one of us has our own opinions. I might be more conservative than the “liberal girl” I sit next to in class. Our ideas and viewpoints, different as they may be, have been shaped by the experiences we each have had. If I were to become a governmental news correspondent today, my writing, my interviews, my on-screen monologues would all be filtered through my own personal preference (or the preference my boss told me to have). The same goes for the individuals that are currently on TV. They represent their own personal biases and/or the biases of their boss.

It is no secret that Fox News is one of the most conservative news stations available today. Out of curiosity, I thought I would compare Fox News with CNN. One of the top news stories on Fox News’ website was the fact that Donald Trump is now saying that Hillary Clinton is “unpopular with female voters” (click here to read the full story). However when I went on CNN’s website, I couldn’t find anything on this emphatic claim and found that CNN’s top story was about the feud currently going on between Ted Cruz and Kaitlyn Jenner about the bathroom situation (click here to read the full story).

What I found did not surprise me. I would expect Fox News to report on issues that make democratic candidates look bad and I would expect CNN to report on stories that make republican candidates look bad. This does not mean that CNN or Fox News have been “bought out” by the government. It simply means that both news organizations have chosen which “side” they will play for, which biases most reflect their own, and they are sticking to that.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #12

  1. I think the same thing goes for the viewers of these news outlets. My aunt is an extreme liberal and I will NEVER see her watch Fox News. She watches only more liberal news channels that speak of the same things that she is interested in, as well as the same things she agrees with. The same goes for those who are more conservative. Why would you want to listen to things that you may not agree with?


    1. I agree. I think once people get “set in their ways” they don’t want anything to contradict that. I know my dad is similar to that but only opposite where he only watches Fox News. I, personally, prefer to watch different types of broadcasts to see what other sides might be thinking. I’m not concerned that I’ll see something and it will force me to change my beliefs and if it does, maybe I was supposed to see it.


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